What happened?

So… for the two of you out there that are wondering what happened to Gugames, it’s your lucky day!

A quick recap: back in October 2016 we published the Spanish translation for Kill Yourself. Then, we disappeared. Both us and our games.

Why? Readers beware, what follows is a tale of stupidity and laziness.

Gugames is a one-man band. I may always write in plural, but in reality, it’s only me (Guga) that spent time working on games, answering reviews and comments, updating the blog.

So, when the Spanish translation came out, I backed everything up and formatted my old PC. It was beginning to die and I needed a fresh start. A couple of weeks later I got a notification from the Play Store telling me that the game was crashing, I got back to the code and fixed it quickly. I compiled everything and, as usual, went on to sign the package for upload on the Play Store.

It was only then that I noticed how wrong the “I backed everything up” was. I forgot to save a copy of the keystore file, which is of vital importance. If you lose that, you’re gone. And I lost it. There is absolutely NO way of performing an update on the Store if you lack the original keystore file, and I had no luck trying to recover it from my hard drive. So, that marked the end of Kill Yourself. I figured Spanish people could survive without knowing what the smell of a baby is (in fact, it only crashed when reading that sentence in the self-help book) and kept the game there. I didn’t want to put a new version online because the Android in-app can’t share items between different apps, so a new app would have resulted in people losing their Six Feet Under purchase. And I was too sad and tired to work on the game again anyway. Even if it meant no Love Your Neighbor.

And… as soon as I found the will to get back on Gugames, GDPR happened. I had AdMob ads in my games, so Google wanted me to upload an updated APK with a privacy policy for all my games, even if I stored no personal data whatsoever. After a couple of months of me not updating (because I couldn’t at all), Google removed everything from the store. Losing a 250K downloads game for a thing as simple as forgetting to save one file is a strong blow to one’s determination. Given that Gugames is my hobby, not my day job, I left it aside for good.

Now, in 2020, I decided to get working again. I apologize to all of you that supported me by buying the Six Feet Under expansion pack and those who still waited for Love Your Neighbor. But the future will bring exciting things, I feel it!

So, what’s on Gugames mind? That’s for another post.

Guga (aka the Gugames team)

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3 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Dude wtf, my brother and I were talking about a puzzle game and we remembered your game called “Kill Yourself”. I searched the game on the Play Store and I couldn’t find jackshit. I hope you come back to making games ASAP, because you did an amazing job with that game. Thank you for making our days better ❤️

    • gugames on said:

      Hi Tyrian,
      the game is now available on Steam and itch.io 🙂 and hopefully back on the Play Store soon!

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