The new room editor

Hi folks,

it’s been a long time since we last wrote. They have been three crazy months and we didn’t have much time to update the blog. GuGames is mostly a one-man band, and since Guga became father for the second time the priority moved from development to family.

But now everything’s back on track and we can update our 97 facebook fans on what has been done recently. As we finished the art for our first room and started working on the second one it became clear that our current production setup couldn’t be easily scaled up. It was perfect for Kill Yourself, where everything is in the same room and the number of objects is limited, but it wasn’t suited for bigger projects like this one.

A room object (like the toolbox or the bowling ball in Kill Yourself) was thought to be independent of the rooms. This means that the same object can be easily added, removed or moved in a room, which is good and powerful, but also mostly useless. Of all the adventure games we played, there were rarely instances of objects that were constantly moved between rooms, and even if they were, it was at most two different rooms. The majority of the room objects were there to be picked up, that’s it. So we decided to switch to “room-dependent objects” and move the desing focus to the rooms themselves.

If you remember our post on walkboxes, we showed a small editor we used to define the walking zones in our rooms. It still feels cool to specify some room property by hand and not hardcoded (in Kill Yourself everything is hardcoded anyway), so we thought: if all rooms specify and create the objects they contain, why don’t we extend this editor for everything that concerns rooms, like object positioning and ordering and hotspots?

So, we proudly present you our new room editor. It allows us to edit the walkable zones, the hotspots (that is, the interactive objects that stay static through the game, like the toilet in Kill Yourself) and the objects of a room, the relative positions, the walkspots, the animations, everything you see. It is not finished yet, but it will be able to save a project and export it in Java code ready to be compiled by our base engine.

There’s only one thing it won’t do. It won’t specify the scripts. We don’t have a scripting language yet, so all interactions will be hardcoded in the Java classes exported by the room editor. But this is a feature we strongly want to implement after this game.

The room editor in all its glory

Stay tuned for new exciting updates in the next days!

the GuGames team

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