Six Feet Under grows and grows

Hi there, fellow gamers.

It’s been a while since we last posted. We even forgot to post the celebrations for the 100 thousand downloads reached by Kill Yourself this week. But that’s because we’re completely absorbed by the development for Six Feet Under. How is it going, you ask? What, you actually don’t? We don’t care, we’re telling you anyway.

Scripting is mostly done. Except for a couple of extra jokes and a puzzle we redesigned, the game can be played and completed. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

Animation is what’s taking most of the time now. We want to reward players, and nothing is more satisfactory than a nicely animated death. So our goal is, right now, to add a special animation for most of the endings. You paid for this expansion, you deserve to see something new.

The rest of the art is there, but since some redesign is still going on and the final appearance may change, we don’t want to show the room. But we can show you some of the inventory icons.

IOclown IOfood IOgloves IOoil IOshears




Don’t worry: there are more in the game.

So, what happens next? As soon as we finish animation, the expansion will be complete and the game will enter the Beta phase. We’ll have our testers play the game to find the last bugs while we work on the Italian translation and we polish the interface. We still have to decide where to put the “buy” button to purchase the expansion, for example. And we’ll add sound effects and music. The new room will have a separate tune which will be a variation on the apartment’s theme, we hope you’ll like it.

Can we estimate a date? Of course we can! Will the estimate be realistic? Of course not! But we’ll try anyway. At the current progress rate, Beta phase will begin before the end of June. Hoping that there won’t be too much to change in that phase, we hope to get the expansion done by 1st of August.

Stay tuned!
the GuGames team

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