Six Feet Under is finally on the market

The time has finally come! After four months of design, development, drawing and debug (why does everything start with D?) we can finally declare Six Feet Under to be ready for its debut. Just download or update the app, and the extra pack can be purchased on the “buy more” screen from both the main menu and the awards screen.

Get it here!

We really hope that this expansion satisfies the tastes of those who wrote us begging for more. Remember, it’s not a separate level, but an actual expansion, meaning that actions and objects from the base game are needed to solve some of the new awards. Our playtesters thought the expansion was harder than the base game, but not illogical anyway. There will be some of those “a-ha!” moments when you get stuck at a puzzle and after you solve it you wonder why it took so long to solve. Hopefully. Anyway, we’re always there to help anyone who write us in private, as usual.

And don’t forget you won’t get ads anymore, interrupting your sweet killing spree. And a lot of new animations. And a new background music track. And… well, that’s it, but still we think it’s worth its price.

What happens next

As you’ll notice, there will be a “Tutorial” button on the main menu. So that’s what we’ll work on starting next week (we need some time off, this month was heavy).

We felt many people, mainly those who never played old-school adventure games, were puzzled by the interface. So we’ll add a dialog asking the player, on their first game, if they want a quick tutorial. If so (or if the player starts the tutorial mode from the respective button) the guy gives a small introduction on the controls and then guides the player through walking to, using, examining and picking up objects as well as combining an inventory item with something else. It will just make the player open the sofa, take the lighter and put it in the microwave: that’s the shortest sequence of actions in the game that shows every control, provides a result but doesn’t spoil any deaths.

It shouldn’t take much time, maybe a week or so. We hope this brings even more people to like our game, because once you’re accustomed to the controls you can fully enjoy the puzzles and the humor Kill Yourself provides.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to tell all your friends about this wonderful game!
the Gugames team

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5 thoughts on “Six Feet Under is finally on the market

  1. M K on said:

    I need a walkthrough. please.

    I am stuck on:

    The last meal
    (in basement)

    • M K on said:

      It would be even better if you would send me a hint on my email.

  2. Danielo on said:

    Hi GuGames-Team! Thanks for the next level 6feetunder! I love this game! I found out all the awards but now I’m stucked. Please help me with the #thelastmeal! Thanks.

  3. Danielo on said:

    Hey there. I found out how to take #thelastmeal. Wonderful! Now there are only 2 left…

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