Entering beta phase

runThe last sprint begins! With the last death animation ready, the game can be now considered fully playable. It has been a long month, a lot of animating has been done (sorry, the one above is the only non-spoilering new animation we can show) and the game finally reached a stable state.

We switched to Aseprite for the art, and it was the best choice ever. Animating has become easier and easier, doubling our productivity. Really, that’s a wonderful program. To all the pixel artists out there, this is a tool you can’t miss.

Even if the base game is there, we still have a lot to do: unfortunately, setting up the details take much more time than programming the actual gameplay. The current GUI needs to be extended (you’ll want to be able to buy the expansion, wouldn’t you?), sound and music must be added and we’d like make some small changes to the game so that you don’t have to get everything from scratch every time. Our goal deadline will be the 1st of August, but since we also begin with the beta tests, we’re absolutely sure we’ll be submersed with bug reports. So, don’t count on us to be delivering for that date, but we’ll still try. If you want a more pessimistic estimate, we’d say 1st of September at latest, just in time to celebrate two years since the beginning of KY development.

Stay tuned!
the Gugames team

PS: on a separate note, our game became big in Spanish speaking countries this month. We were wondering why, but thanks to some reviewers we found out: for those who understand Spanish, take a look at this video. If you don’t want to watch it all, the important bit starts at 1:18.

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