A quick update on Six Feet Under

Hi, dear players.

Things are going great at GuGames, and we can’t wait to show everyone the results of our work. But, since we have nothing nice to show, we figured we could at least give a quick update on how the Six Feet Under expansion for Kill Yourself is going.

The new 12 deaths are there! The game can be virtually completed! So is it ready? Absolutely not. This means the game reacts to the correct commands needed to unlock an award, but we’re lacking almost every reaction. Things just happen, and that’s not what you’d want from the game. It is a nice milestone anyway, since we can now start with the Alpha testing. In the next few days we’re going to polish the reactions a bit (at least some speech lines on the guy’s side) and give the game to our testers to get their opinions on the puzzles. Do they make sense? Are they too easy or too difficult? Are they fun?

The next step will be adding all the “wrong paths”. We don’t want a game that only says “that didn’t work” whenever you combine two objects that don’t bring to a death. We can’t code every possible combination of elements, but the game will be much more immersive if we take care of some of that, just like when (spoiler alert, but it’s seen in the promo video anyway) you put the lighter in the microwave and break it. Once the whole scripting is there we’ll begin with the Beta testing. Our testers will then have to play around trying to find strange combinations that make the game crash. If the testers make a good job, no bugs will survive the stage and the published game will need no updates. So, uh, yeah, it’s THEIR fault whenever you find a crash in the published game.

The last step will be polishing the game to make it look nice. Animation, sound effects and music are vital to an adventure game, and we want our players to be satisfied with every aspect of the game, so we won’t just recycle animations of the base game. We surely will, of course, but a bit of eye candy is needed.

the GuGames team

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